Road Warrior Solutions

Your secure workspace, at places your office cannot

Road Warrior provides an authorized access to an enterprise's private network from a remote office location or when you are on the move. You can remotely access enterprise applications including mails, intranet services, ERP, CRM etc in a secured way by getting connected using Tata Docomo’s CDMA wireless network on devices like fixed wireless phones, CDMA dongles, or even mobile phones.

Tata Docomo’s Road Warrior solution offers you the function of a private network over a shared infrastructure. It is offered in the following two variants:

Whitelising Solution

where the users of your corporation have access only to the limited IPs / URLs that you specify.

VPN Service (Virtual Private Network Service)

where the users have access to enterprise Intranet

Data Exchange

Facilitates secured wireless data exchange between your business and a remote/ mobile user

Vast reach

Service available across Tata Docomo CDMA (1x / HSIA) and GSM (GPRS / 3G) network pan-India.

Optimum Service Experience

Road Warrior solution provides burstable speed up to 6.2 mbps depending upon the network, and is extremely useful for applications like online lottery, POS, AMR, SCADA and Bank ATM etc, which require bandwidth in burst

Quick and easy set-up

Simple to set-up, highly scalable and extremely cost effective compared to similar competing technologies offering like VSAT

additional infrastructure required at server side
No additional software required at remote site
Facilitates setting up remote offices quickly and efficiently
Easy to administer and manage

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