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White Paper - Setting up office in 6 easy steps

product: EPABX


The process of setting up a new office with a simple step-by-step template.

Setting up office can be an intimidating task. The logistics involved seem never-ending. In the case of a start-up or a small enterprise, the branch head often has to stop his main course of work to supervise the process. Key decisions need to be taken: what kind of an office, where, how large, how would it be furnished? With the modern enterprise there is also the issue of employee productivity and the establishment of infrastructure that most supports the empowered, flexible, and above all lean and multitasking employee force.



GSM EPABX Systems are a unique offering that eliminates delays caused due to wireline feasibility checks and permissions. We provide Wireless EPABX for enterprises with infrastructure and 16 lines EPABX for enterprises with no infrastructure availability. Our Wireless EPABX machine is suitable for small offices, as it is a portable, zero capital expenditure solution that requires only a monthly rental without compromising on quality benefits of a wireline connection.

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