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White Paper - Mobile Device Management


This whitepaper seeks to establish the concept of MDM & explain the general use cases

It has been observed as an increasing trend that employees are relying on their personal portable communication devices to accomplish their professional targets. This is particularly true in the case of employees with a high commute time or increased periods away from their workstation. Mobile Device Management is, therefore, a key area of strategic importance for corporations to better manage and streamline their employee productivity while fostering a sense of convenience and expediency of employee output.


Mobile Device Management

The advent of smartphones has resulted in employees using their mobile phones for business. But this can lead to loss or theft of important data. As a result, Mobile Device Management solutions are increasingly becoming crucial for enterprise data security. Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions provide proper mobility coupled with security and are a powerful combination of devices, application management, secure communication, collaboration, automated issue resolution and remote device control. These device management services help improve employee productivity and strengthen corporate data security by controlling official data.

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