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White Paper - Enhancing viewer experience with next-generation digital television multicast


L2M distributes broadcast feeds using a ‘tree structure’ delivered over a ring type architecture

In response to booming demand for high-quality and interactive content, Indian cable providers have begun to embrace a technology called Layer 2 Multicast (L2M). The reason? Existing cable infrastructure is not suited for delivering high quality video to multiple locations – especially in densely-populated urban areas or remote regions. L2M technology has been developed to address this gap.


L2 Multicast Service

Our L2 Multicast solution is the first of its kind video connect solution in India. Video content transmission for a multicast service is done through a network link that establishes a tree, connecting their source with multiple receivers. The Layer 2 Switch solution copies data from the source and simultaneously broadcasts it through single stream data transmission for multiple end points (multicast service), resulting in multimedia broadcasting efficiency and bandwidth gains.

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