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White Paper - Creating a network enabled cloud solutions through MPLS VPN

product: MPLS VPN Service


Cloud based solutions for enterprises are a huge breakthrough in technology space.

Cloud based solutions for enterprises are a huge breakthrough in technology space, offering widespread advantages to various businesses. While there are a multitude of options making a prospective buyer almost spoilt for choice, it is important for an enterprise to thoroughly evaluate the pros and cons of a possible technology investment. Add to this the organisational inertias in changing IT infrastructure and preference of incremental changes rather than a radical leap.


MPLS VPN Service

Our MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) based Virtual Private Network (VPN) delivers PAN India connectivity across 100+ points of strategic presence. We help you optimise your business with a fully meshed network to ensure fail-safe connectivity. With our mobile and managed solutions, authorised personnel may connect to business networks from anywhere including remote locations. We provide both wireline and wireless solution. Under wireline have Standard and Managed MPLS. Wireless solutions are Xpress VPN and Road Warrior.

Secure Connect

Our MPLS VPN now comes with Secure Connect–a bridge that offers a private & dedicated connection to leading cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure. Secure Connect is a value add-on to the existing MPLS VPN service offering that offers you connectivity to the Cloud. Through Secure Connect, you get secure enterprise grade network connectivity to the public cloud infrastructure that is SLA backed and predictable.

Secure Connect privatizes a public cloud network, extending it with the security of a private network; faster data transfers that help data-heavy Enterprise applications operate with ease, and offers a seamless end user experience while you transition between your private network and the Cloud.

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