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Terms & Conditions –

The following terms apply to all documentation created under this release, including any case studies, testimonials, advertisements, or press releases:

  1. The purpose of this Case Study, Advertising, Media and PR Release is to describe the activities in which the customer agrees to participate and vide this consent letter the  customer shall specifically assign to TTL the right with regard to any video/s, image/s or document/s resulting from the aforesaid activities. Unless otherwise agreed to in  writing by the parties, this release will apply to all occurrences of the activities you select from the list above.
  2. TTL may display the Customer’s name, trademarks, service marks, logos, and other identifying information in the documentation, as approved by the Customer during review,  publication, release of the video/s, image/s or document/s.
  3. Customer agrees to review the final content for factual accuracy and to prevent the inadvertent release of any of its confidential information. You agree to provide TTL with your  approval, advice or comments in writing within ten (10) days of request from TTL, failing which it shall be deemed that such approval is granted.
  4. Except for any of the Customer’s trademarks, service marks, logos, and other identifying information contained in the video/s, image/s or document/s, TTL shall own all  intellectual property in the video/s, image/s or document/s.
  5. TTL shall have the right to publish, use, reference, and display the final, approved video/s, image/s or document/s, in whole or through unedited excerpts, in all forms of media  now or hereafter known. Customer agrees to release TTL and its contractors, agents, and employees, from any claims relating to use of the material that the releasing party  provides and which is included in the documentation, so long as such use is in accordance with the rights granted under this release.
  6. Your agreement to participate in these activities does not obligate TTL to create any of them or to offer the opportunity to you.