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Case Study - Voice Service for Pathfinder

Product: PRI
Highlights: Pathfinder required an end-to-end voice and data solution
Voice Service for Pathfinder


  • Unstable Voice PRI connectivity leading to disruption in customer service and ERP integration
  • Increasing demand for data communication
  • Reliable mode of connectivity to their Cloud servers in AWS
  • High availability of Telco resources


  • PRI Voice Link on licensed bandwidth radio last mile
  • Solution optimised for customer with enterprise grade E-PBAX
  • 3 ILL circuits for data connectivity
  • Dedicated service assurance team, ensures quality service for the circuits


  • Based on the uptime experience, pathfinder procured 3 additional PRI circuits
  • Superior connectivity to global destinations through Tata Networks internet peering and reliable connectivity to Pathfinder's cloud servers in AWS



Our industry first SLA backed Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service provides 30 voice channels on a single link with the capability of upscaling number of channels as per future requirement. These can be configured as incoming, outgoing or two-way communication channels. Our PRI services provide a full featured, 2-way connectivity between ISDN compatible PBX or Key System and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Our SLA-backed PRI line and connection offers an enterprise access to a telecom infrastructure that can dynamically adapt to the changing needs of their business. Our unmatched SLA offering includes : Network service availability of 99.5%, a complaint MTTR( Mean time to resolve) of 4 hours and sService credits in case of commitment breach.

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