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Case Study - Voice and data connectivity for a leading online shopping marketplace

Product: MPLS VPN Service
Highlights: Secure connectivity across geographies.

Company Profile

Our client is an online shopping marketplace started in February 2010 as a daily deals platform and has since expanded to become an online marketplace. It started as a member only website which gradually kept on growing to become one of India’s largest online marketplaces, offering an assortment of 12 million+ products across diverse categories from over 150,000 sellers catering to a user base of 25 million members. It is now the second-largest e-tailing company in India.

The Requirement

The client was using multiple solutions from various service providers on a pan-India basis for connectivity between offices, contact centers and warehouses. The network was dependent on multiple providers and the customer was facing a challenge in growing the size of the network in tandem with business expansion goals. The first roadblock to their domestic network was the different types of unmanaged connectivity solutions such as broadband, IP-VPN and P2P from multiple providers. The lack of a single provider across India created a hurdle for the client’s logistics teams as uptime and application connectivity were constant issues. Customer support was also being hampered due to forwarding restrictions on landlines from other service providers. While some ISPs claimed to cover an entire geographical area, they did so through a network of smaller suppliers that required separate agreements.

The Challenge

In the e-commerce industry, service delivery is of paramount importance. If a business is unable to deliver the required output in the committed time, or is unable to create a positive experience, it could lead to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately migration to another provider. Seamless connectivity can help overcome this challenge while customer relationship building is made possible through availability of contact center personnel at all points of time.


As a strategic telecom partner, we advised the customer to plan for network centralisation with centralised ERP rollout in a managed model. Our reasoning for a network overhaul was the consolidation of ERP usage and the introduction of MPLS VPN to reduce cost while improving efficiency and security of communication. We also recommended the Virtual Mobile to serve the client’s customers and suppliers. A single number could serve customers as well as our client’s dealer network while mitigating the issue related to downtime and call forwarding. This also ensured better uptime for the client. There were a total of 8 locations where we proposed to provide Enterprise MPLS Connectivity on Fiber for higher uptime. To create a centralised network, we suggested hub & spoke topology for their network via a managed model where we would procure, manage and configure the CPE. We offered centralised internet connectivity with dedicated speed of 155 Mbps, initially for their office in Gurgaon, which would then serve multiple locations centrally. Through this centralised internet connectivity, the client could control all internet polices and usage from Gurgaon. To resolve the contact center connectivity/uptime related issues, a Virtual Mobile Number solution was also proposed, which could then be easily forwarded to a contact center PRI number. By doing this, all calls from customers and suppliers would land on a single number. In case of outages, the customer was now not dependent on the provider and calls could easily be routed through other destinations to achieve higher uptime and customer satisfaction.


With MPLS VPN, the client could ensure seamless connectivity across multiple locations, leading to optimization of workflow and data to an empowered logistics team PRI connectivity for contact centers ensured smooth communication and i mproved call quality with all stakeholders, both internal and external


MPLS VPN Service

Our MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) based Virtual Private Network (VPN) delivers PAN India connectivity across 100+ points of strategic presence. We help you optimise your business with a fully meshed network to ensure fail-safe connectivity. With our mobile and managed solutions, authorised personnel may connect to business networks from anywhere including remote locations. We provide both wireline and wireless solution. Under wireline have Standard and Managed MPLS. Wireless solutions are Xpress VPN and Road Warrior.

Secure Connect

Our MPLS VPN now comes with Secure Connect–a bridge that offers a private & dedicated connection to leading cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure. Secure Connect is a value add-on to the existing MPLS VPN service offering that offers you connectivity to the Cloud. Through Secure Connect, you get secure enterprise grade network connectivity to the public cloud infrastructure that is SLA backed and predictable.

Secure Connect privatizes a public cloud network, extending it with the security of a private network; faster data transfers that help data-heavy Enterprise applications operate with ease, and offers a seamless end user experience while you transition between your private network and the Cloud.

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