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Case Study - Toll Free Service for Shopping-Zone

Highlights: Shopping Zone required an end-to-end connectivity solution
Toll Free Service for Shopping-Zone


Being a popular South Indian TV shopping channel most of Shopping Zone customers are housewives, speaking local Languages. The company advertisements are run on TV channels in local languages such as Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada & Tamil. The business required Shopping Zone to:

  • Address huge volume of calls
  • Provide differential services to premium and non premium customers
  • Address calls in local language of the caller while it was expensive to run call centres in each state
  • The company had set up Telugu & Kannada speaking agents in Vijayawada call centre and Tamil & Malayalam speaking agents in Chennai call centre
  • Efficient logistics for delivery and completion of orders placed by customers by secure interoffice connectivity


  • Virtual Mobile Number 9xxxxxxxx2 for publishing on TV advertisements
  • Toll Free Number (TFN) to carry customer calls
  • SIP trunk with 150 channels in Chennai and routed Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) TFN calls to its PSTN pilot number
  • TTL offered the solution through TTL Partners call server by doing the data base query of Telco’s phone numbers and put the call in the respective state queue for giving the appropriate language treatment
  • The server identified calls from different states and routed the same to the call centre agents speaking the language of the state
  • All calls landing on VMN are forwarded to the SIP in the switch level


Shopping Zone is able to manage its operations efficiently; they were able to divert calls originating from different states to the agent speaking the local language. The Virtual Mobile Numbers ensured that they were able to publish easy to remember, unique mobile numbers which worked very cost effectively for their products mapped to price tags below a certain price.
The TFN ensured customers of high value products got efficient Toll Free calling.
The SIP Trunk (up to 1500 Channels) which is highly scalable unlike traditional PRI (30 Channels) provided them with capacity on demand. This was especially helpful to manage seasonal variations in demand.


Toll Free Services

Our Toll - free services are provided on a state of the art, intelligent network platform where we give easy to remember 1800 and 1860 number series. With an industry-first feature of SLA commitment and an exclusive self-care portal for customers, our Toll free service ensures that enterprises can establish higher service standards and be always accessible to their customers.

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