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Connect remote locations under hub-and-spoke technology

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The customer is a Mumbai-based full-service stockbroker agency, providing advisory services to institutions (foreign and domestic), high net worth and retail investors. They also offer a variety of investment products and financial services, including trading in equity, derivatives, commodity, currency futures, mutual fund investments, insurance, deposits, and depository services.


The customer was using multiple providers for Internet and MPLS connectivity for their pan-India trading services and offices. It was difficult to maintain overall network uptime on VPN connectivity.

Using different types of unmanaged/managed connectivity services such as broadband, IP-VPN and MPLS from multiple providers was a significant roadblock for the customer’s business model. The lack of a single provider across various locations and the unavailability of a robust solution created SLA management and network uptime issues.

The customer’s IT team required a new consolidated network under a single service provider so that data and voice calls could be appropriately managed, and the business could be adequately concentrated.


TTBS reached out to the customer to engage as a strategic partner to solve their connectivity needs. They proposed TTBS’ MPLS solution for this purpose.

TTBS provided the customer with L3 MPLS with different last-mile media. The solution offered was Hub and Spoke topology, so that the customer could access the centralised trading servers. TTBS also made provisions for a centralised Internet breakout from the Hub location, so that no separate Internet links would be required at any of the Spoke locations while these locations could access the Internet from the Hub location.

TTBS suggested IBS plan for network centralisation with managed services for better management of the customer’s WAN network, allowing them to concentrate on their core business functions. Being in the BFSI sector, uptime was a crucial concern, and the proposed solution would also address the same. New locations could also be added to the network as per the business requirement of the customer’s own clients.

In order to create and manage the network, TTBS suggested Mesh for their network under the Managed model, where the CPE would be procured, configured and managed by TTBS.

The customer was using real-time communication applications like IP calling and video conferencing. Hence, TTBS provided their Platinum Class of Service (CoS) to get the best performance from these applications, along with the best Quality of Service (QoS).

Business Benefits

The customer had previously been using multiple vendors and solutions to connect their offices. This was causing application performance issues and questionable service quality, along with unreliable coordination among multiple vendors. TTBS, as a single vendor, connected all their locations and offered a one-stop-shop solution, which resolved the customer’s TAT and efficiency issues.

  • TTBS offered a router at each location, which helped the customer to save on hardware and maintenance costs.
  • Proactive monitoring helped the customer increase uptime and speed up problem resolutions.
  • Platinum CoS enhanced video conferencing tool performance and ensured better QoS.
  • New locations could be easily added to the network – this was a major criterion for the success of the solution.

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