Prominent manufacturer boosts operations with streamlined customer service


Prominent manufacturer boosts operations with streamlined customer service

prominent manufacturer boosts operations with streamlined customer service


The customer is a global manufacturer of separators and decanters. As industry leaders, they are known for their superior products and exemplary customer service. The company has implemented innovative technologies, equipment and processes in its India operations since 1989.

Business Challenge

Facing core connectivity issues, the customer felt the need for a system that routed all enquiries to a single number.

They wanted to spruce up operations and sought a solution that enabled 24x7 fielding of customer queries.

From a marketing perspective, they required an easy-to-remember customer care contact number.

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

After thoroughly investigating the customer’s needs, the TTBS solution architect recommended the following proposals:

  • The team activated a unique toll-free number service that all pan-India operators could access.
  • The service also provided the customer with a user-friendly web interface to help manage various connectivity functions for call routing.
  • These included call routing based on geography, time, day, load balancing, whitelisting and blacklisting. Additional functions included real-time routing and secured routing via PIN.
  • The solution allowed the customer to generate employee performance reports indicating the number of calls made and received, account-based call history and performance analysis.

Business Benefits

Easy routing of enquires based on the subject and department

Seamless customer service available 24x7x365

Improved productivity with regular monitoring of employee performance

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1800 266 1515
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