NGO provides round-the-clock helpline support with a cloud communication suite




NGO provides round-the-clock helpline support with a cloud communication suite

ngo provides round the clock helpline support with a cloud communication suite

Business Challenge

The customer required a solution that enabled receiving and making calls from anywhere in India and at any time.

With offices in five different locations across the country, each site needed access to the solution infrastructure.

An essential requirement was the need to track and manage the call flow at each of these locations.

They requested a modern, scalable, cost-effective solution to be implemented with minimum disturbance to everyday activities.

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

  • TTBS Smartflo enabled a Single Hosted SIP board number for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • The customer’s existing Toll-free number was integrated with the pilot number for incoming calls.
  • Through a customised admin portal, the customer could track and manage call flow in each of their five locations.
  • The solution provided the Sticky Agent feature that routes customers to agents they already share a rapport with or agents well-versed with their transaction history for quick query resolution
  • The solution was easily scalable and could be modified to meet the customer’s future requirements.

Business Benefits

  • Future-ready infrastructure
  • Boosted client satisfaction with 24/7 helpline support
  • Easy management and tracking of all calls
  • Single number setup for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Cost-effective solution fulfilling all requirements

Call Call

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1800 266 1800

Existing Customer:

1800 266 1515
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