NBFC major addresses connectivity issues with customised ILL solution


NBFC major addresses connectivity issues with customised ILL solution

nbfc major addresses connectivity issues with customised ill solution


The customer is one of India’s most prominent non-banking financial corporations (NBFCs), specialising in the provisioning of gold loans. The firm also offers foreign exchange, wealth management and tourism services.

Business Challenge

Confronting connectivity issues in its IT network, the customer decided to revamp the infrastructure and adopt high-speed data connectivity with dedicated bandwidth.

In order to ensure a smooth transition to the new environment without impacting regular business, the NBFC major, whose operations span multiple locations across India, was looking for a single vendor to implement the project.

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

TTBS delivered an ILL (Internet Leased Line) solution featuring the following bespoke specifications:

  • ILL functionality activated for three customer locations, with TTBS maintaining one of those
  • Enablement of Cloud application for providing secure and seamless connectivity to remote workplaces that earlier suffered from inadequate network access

End-to-end, industry-backed SLA (Service Level Agreement), involving well-defined goals and metrics, ensured robust project management

Business Benefits

  • Uncontended connectivity via seamless access to superior dedicated bandwidth with minimum system downtime and glitches
  • Enhanced operational efficiency with cost-effective ILL solution
  • Improved employee productivity with robust upload and download speeds facilitating better collaboration, communication and work management

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