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Case Study - Mobile Apps and Toll Free Services for Dr Bond

Highlights: Dr. BOND required end-to-end tracking, security and connectivity solutions
Mobile Apps and Toll Free Services for Dishman Group


To ensure Dr. Bond was able to overcome the identified challenges, a combination of products were put together which would work in tandem for field personnel management and provide customers an enhanced experience. The combined solution included:

    Workforce Tracking via an app
  • To track the locations of field personnel real-time
  • Easy deployment resulting in rapid go-to-market
  • Scalable to match volume increases
    Mobile Device Management (MDM) app
  • Provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Simple, efficient and centralised onboarding of devices
  • Enterprise policies which define the device usage ensuring data security
  • Remote deployment and management of devices
  • On-demand policy and exception reports
  • Allow secured messaging between the corporate IT administrator and the user
  • Centrally deploy and manage applications
  • Remotely diagnose and configure devices
  • Secured access via user ID and Password on Internet
  • Digital maps with zoom, route management with alerts
  • MIS reports including:
    • Travel history
    • Tracking report
    • Stoppage report
    Toll Free service
  • Easy access Pan-India number
  • No dependency on other operators for routing etc.
  • Simple web based interface managed by Dr. Bond
  • Calls detail monitoring


Dr. Bond is able to effectively manage a large field force comprising service and care professionals through real-time location, route management and assignment tasking. The on-ground personnel are equipped with mobile devices onto which a Mobile Device Management application is installed. This app ensures that the device is utilised within the corporate IT and security policy framework and simplifies device maintenance through remote care.
Dr. Bond’s customers are able to reach the company from anywhere in the country by calling a toll-free number to avail solutions.


Workforce Management

Our Workforce Tracking Services helps you get real-time location information through GPS tracking solutions of your field force. You can not only track, but also manage their routes and distribute workload.

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