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Higher Performance and Connectivity Across Locations

Automotive Parts Manufacturer Achieves Higher Performance and Connectivity Across Locations Through MPLS


The customer is the second-largest manufacturer of forged automotive components, cold forged parts and high tensile fasteners in India. The major categories of components manufactured by them are camshafts, connecting rods, crankshafts, crown wheel, hub and shafts.


The customer has six remote locations in the west region and wanted to connect all the six locations through secure MPLS from a single service provider, so as to access their ERP more efficiently and thereby optimise performance.

There had been no investment in either a router or firewall on the part of the customer. They also sought better uptime and SLA from the service provider. They were looking for a single service provider for VPN connectivity.

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

TTBS provided the customer with L3 MPLS with different last-mile media. The solution developed by TTBS was HUB and Spoke topology so that customer could access the centralised ERP servers. TTBS also made provisions for a centralised Internet breakout from the HUB location. This was to ensure that no spate Internet links were required at all the spoke locations, while these locations could access the Internet from the Hub location.

The solution is part of advanced managed services wherein TTBS provided Maipu Routers at each location. These would terminate the MPLS links along with the installation, configuration and management of routers. Proactive monitoring was set up so that the links could be checked 24x7 through TTBS NOC. In case of any abnormality in the links or Routers, the TTBS team would proactively address the issue. Even the service docket was logged by the TTBS backend team.

TTBS provided Premium Class of Service to ensure that the customer got the best out of their real-time communication applications, such as IP Calling and video conferencing, along with the best quality of service.

Solution Benefits

Previously, the customer has resorted to a multiplicity of vendors and solutions to connect their offices. This threw up myriad issues related to application performance and service quality, along with coordinating with several vendors. TTBS, as a single vendor, connected all their locations, offering a one-stop-shop for the numerous problems faced by the customer.

  • Hardware cost and maintenance saved, as TTBS provided a router at each location
  • High uptime and quick resolution of problems due to proactive monitoring and support by the TTBS team
  • Saving on Internet link cost at every single location due to centralised Internet breakout
  • Centralised monitoring and control of Internet access to spoke locations also offered
  • Premium Class of Service ensured the best performance of video conferencing and better quality of service

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