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Case Study - Managed Hosting for a software company

Product: Managed Hosting
Highlights: Enhancing global application speed, security, availability, and performance
Managed Hosting for a software company


The customer’s applications, originally hosted in-house, suffered from low bandwidth and data transfer delays. With lags exceeding 8 to 10 seconds, the customer was failing to meet their goals. The customer needed reliable network management as a central part of its business solutions for corporate library management. This effort demanded a hosting solution that could provide resilience, security and bandwidth, as well as power backup and 24x7 management across a global network. Also, these capabilities needed to be delivered in a cost-effective package that could be extended to all their customers.


Our Managed Storage and Hosting Solution met the customer’s immediate requirements and established a future roadmap for global expansion. With a local data centre in Stratford, UK, we provided 24x7 monitoring and management from the central Managed Services Operating Centre based in Chennai, India. The data centre infrastructure ensured the customer had backup and disaster recovery capabilities through firewalls, switching and state-of-the-art storage. The solution also provided:

  • World-class data centre operations with physical security, CCTV and managed care environment
  • Reliable IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework
  • Access to a secure web portal for monitoring and reporting


Our solution provided the customer market reach across a global platform. The benefits included-

  • Freeing up in-house data centre resources to ensure focus on development and internal operations
  • Improved customer service through our technical expertise and operational excellence
  • Meeting regulatory compliance through the latest patch updates
  • Scalable and flexible growth opportunities designed to fit specific needs


Managed Hosting

Our Managed Hosting Services ensure that enterprises have complete control over their critical business data and applications. Managed Hosting Services provide a secure, reliable and flexible hosting and storage environment with the use of secure cloud hosting services to support dynamic business needs through a wide range of predefined, dedicated computing resources with customised resources. The key benefit of Managed Hosting solutions is that it helps enterprises keep a watch on all their business data.

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