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Case Study - InstaCompute for a business solutions consultancy firm

Product: InstaCompute
Highlights: Comprehensive access to business functionalities without having to build on-premise IT infrastructure.
InstaCompute for a business solutions consultancy firm


They required :

  • Scalable IT infrastructure for a rapidly growing client list
  • Avoid risks of hardware obsolescence with in-house servers
  • Anticipate system requirements and budgeting for these requirements
  • Cost efficiency


A pay-per-use cloud hosting solution was provided on InstaCompute, our Infrastructure as a Service platform. The solution enabled the customer to tap into computing resources on-demand, including storage. The solution was a sustainable, manageable, scalable option that reduced IT capital expenditures, part from real estate expenses and ongoing utility and payroll expenses. The cloud computing solution that forms their IT backbone is powered by a combination of other software like SAP Business One, SAP Business All-in-One, SAP Business Objects and related add-ons that now assist project management, financial consolidation and integration of smart devices. The deployment highlights included:

  • Initial Proof of Concept (POC) showcased within 3 days
  • Working prototype operation set up within a week
    1. Security
    2. Multiple access methods (IP, MPLS)
  • Firewalls
  • User control
  • Network isolation


  • Create a lean and agile business model to compete in the marketplace
  • Bring products to market morequickly through instant service availability
  • Improve customer satisfaction with better performance and reduced latency
  • Get flexibility where resources can be rapidly added or removed at any time to meet changing business needs
  • Enable collaborative computing across users and project teams
  • Optimise service usage via load balancing of incoming traffic to applications
  • Cost-effective as computing capacity can be expanded without increasing capital expenses



InstaCompute is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud based solution that quickly provides the variable computing power required to meet changing business needs, exactly when needed. Managed through a self-service Web portal that offers on-demand business-class controls, InstaCompute allows IT customers to dynamically add or remove virtual servers, storage capacity and metered internet connectivity.

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