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Case Study - Fleet Tracking Solutions for an Indian logistics firm

Product: Fleet Management
Highlights: Real-time fleet and asset tracking for 50+ vehicles

Company Profile

Our customer is a logistics company established in 1975, providing services for the complete management of transportation at an economic price. They are also one of the leading carriers for consignments from anywhere in the country, who provide customers with a personal, cost-effective service enabling the transportation of all types of equipment to be delivered in perfect condition and on time, projecting the image the customer deserves. Their expertise also lies in offering support solutions that include Warehousing & Distribution. Today, for efficiently handling the involved operational demands, they have 5 trucks, 5 small cargos, 20 trailers, 15 large utility vehicles with 40 hydraulic axles and other logistic vehicles that include special long trailers.

The Requirement

They required a solution to help them track their assets and at the same time make use of their existing infrastructure. The challenges identified were as follows:

  • Real-time location coordination
  • Integration of the monitoring system

The Challenge

The company had developed an in-house backend ERP portal which they used to keep all transactional records. However, while the business was going well, they were struggling to keep track of their 50+ fleet of vehicles, monitor their movement and fuel pilferage.


We proposed our Location Based Services solution where we made provisions for the customer to access the GSM Lat-Long coordinates on the our server via API integration. This solution was designed to help them view real-time location of their transport vehicles through their backend portal.


The mobile numbers of their fleet were mapped with our system and the access to the same was given via a public IP address. An API document was handed over to the customer to assist them in the integration process. The customer was able to track the productivity and made sure everything worked in sync. The business became more organised and there was discipline amongst the drivers.


Fleet Management

Our Fleet Management Solution helps you track vehicles through GPS tracking system on duty, driver performance, fuel consumption and route monitoring real-time, through a secured and user-friendly web/ mobile interface. With our reliable services, you can focus on your core business requirements and be well on the journey of increased productivity and profitability.

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