Delivery app hits the mark with improved customer service and privacy




Delivery app hits the mark with improved customer service and privacy

delivery app hits the mark with improved customer service and privacy banner


The customer’s core product is a convenience delivery app that has dominated the personalised hyperlocal delivery market for the past seven years. The app helps businesses reach their customers with on-time, hassle-free deliveries.

Business Challenge

The customer’s product (delivery app) enables the local retailers / service providers sell their products to the nearby locations.

The customer was unwilling to share buyer information with the service providers and hence was looking for a system that can mask customer contact number for their delivery agents and local retailers.

Moreover, they wanted the solution to facilitate call recording and tracking, in order to audit and validate conversations between delivery agents and customers, and also avoid escalations. Another functionality expected from the solution was effective integration with their customer relationship management (CRM) system, so as to ensure efficient workforce management across the customer care team.

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

TTBS implemented Hosted Call Connect from the Smartflo Cloud Communication portfolio.

Hosted Call Connect enabled outbound and inbound calling with call patching which automatically routed customer calls to delivery agents and vice versa. The in-built API integration also ensured data privacy.

For tracking and auditing phone conversations, the solution facilitated call recording in tandem with a Web-based portal that could be accessed for reporting and analysing agent-customer interactions.

To ensure a robust customer care response, TTBS enabled logins for the team so that the latter could access client details and history via CRM and address queries and complaints in real time.

Business Benefits

  • Improved customer service via real-time resolution of grievances
  • Enhanced data privacy through protection of IT assets
  • Increased operational efficiency with consistent monitoring of delivery agents’ and customer care executives’ performance

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