Data security and seamless communication expedite growth of future-proof pharmaceutical company


Data security and seamless communication expedite growth of future-proof pharmaceutical company

data security and seamless communication expedite growth of future proof pharmaceutical company banner


The customer is a distinguished name in the pharmaceutical industry and provides quality healthcare products across India and in 50 other countries globally. The customer has made available a range of innovative, value-added and evidence-based products for its patients for the past 40 years.

Business Challenge

The customer required a business solution that put data security and privacy at the forefront. They needed seamless connectivity covering three locations across Chennai and Bangalore on a secured MPLS network. The company was keen on secured voice and video communication with minor tweaks to the existing setup. They also specified the existence of an unmanaged network, and that they would manage with their own router. 

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

  • For hassle-free connectivity, TTBS prepared a multi-location MPLS L2 channel.
  • By adding static route and external and internal NAT at the TTSL network, the customer could access the Internet from the Hub location to all Spoke locations, via TTBS MPLS.
  • C class IP was set up as the WAN IP to run their internal dynamic protocol, as required by the customer.
  • The TTBS solution also gave the customer the freedom to use this dynamic protocol for advertising their LAN networks with the help of Other Location IP reachability.
  • As per customer specifications, unmanaged MPLS services were provided by TTBS, and their own IT team managed the network.

Business Benefits

  • Completely secured data, voice and video communication against any unforeseen threats
  • Seamless integration across all channels
  • Highest uptime with best-in-class SLA
  • Cost-effective solution with optimal results
  • A trusted partner like TTBS ensured seamless communication and enhanced productivity 

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