A leading Computer hardware organization partners with TTBS to enhance business growth and customer satisfaction through business being always reachable.


A leading Computer hardware organization partners with TTBS to enhance business growth and customer satisfaction through business being always reachable.

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The Customer is a Taiwan-based, multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company known for the world’s best motherboards, PCs, monitors, graphics cards and routers, and driven to become the most-admired innovative leading technology enterprise. Dedicated to creating products for today and tomorrow’s smart life, the customer is the world’s No. 1 motherboard and gaming brand as well as a top-three consumer notebook vendor. Their key products include laptops, mobiles and components. The customer is named as Top 100 Global Technology Leaders by Thomson Reuters and one of the most admired companies by Fortune.

Business Challenge

The customer’s business model includes two parallel businesses of enterprise and commercial segment selling products like laptops, desktops, monitors, networking, servers and workstations. The selling model is through channel including distributors and partners and has multiple branch offices across India.

The customer runs a service desk for its end customer support, with internal team managing escalations and a call-center team managing customer service desk, which provides service support for its 30+ enterprise product categories and 8+ commercial product categories. With pandemic, and growing need for customer’s products and solution required them to be available to support every customer remotely. They have huge volume requirement for customer service and support and must manage excessively large volumes of incoming customer calls of up to 3000-4000 calls / day. Recently they have also expanded their footprints in the East region of the country.

Key Challenges faced by the customer:

  • Provide seamless connectivity to entire team.
  • Address enormous volume of incoming customer calls.
  • Provide differential services to customers for every product in the portfolio.
  • Address calls in local language of the caller while it was expensive to run call centers in each state.
  • Connectivity for contact centers for smooth communication with all stakeholders, both internal and external.

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

Solutions to enhance business growth and improve customer service and support with seamless collaboration.

  • TFN lines for parallel businesses to manage large call volumes, receiving calls from anywhere in the country based on business process and requirements
  • Audio conferencing to provide a one-stop shop solution for all the collaboration needs of the company
  • High Speed internet Leased Line connectivity for business efficiency
  • PRI solution facilitating concurrent transmission of voice as well as data traffic over the dedicated line with the flexibility of using multiple channels at the same time.

Business Benefits

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: End customers could reach out to the company and get required service and support any day, at any time, free of cost leading with Increased customer satisfaction by ensuring their business is always reachable.

Easy Recollection: End customers were able to easily remember toll-free numbers, thereby increasing the customer’s business receiving higher support and service calls and more leads generated.

Cost Effectiveness: Managed very high call volumes at lower costs and increased operational efficiency.

Optimization: The company overcome the problem of underutilization of resources and uneven distribution of calls with the PRI solution.

Better collaboration: Increased employee productivity and Improved employee efficiency

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