Perfume manufacturer breathes new life into operations with a custom-built connectivity framework


Perfume manufacturer breathes new life into operations with a custom-built connectivity framework

Perfume manufacturere breathes new life into operations with a custom built connectivity framework banner


The customer is a leading manufacturer of industrial aroma, chemicals and perfumes for B2B clients, including large FMCG enterprises. Their brand has been synonymous with enduring quality, and their products are considered to be the best in the industry.

Business Challenge

The secret to the customer’s long-standing brand image and meticulous manufacturing process, involved multiple steps, each with its own set of challenges.

Set in some of the remote corners of India, the customer’s offices and factories lacked reliable connectivity and struggled with day-to-day communication.

In order to smoothly deploy the various stages of testing, blending, regulatory and compliance activities, the customer required uninterrupted, high-speed connection between its multiple sites.

Thus, there was a pressing need to set up a modern digital infrastructure to service the business with seamless connectivity.

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

  • Keeping the customer’s specific requirements in mind, TTBS proposed an MPLS-based Smart VPN solution.
  • TTBS established wireless last-mile connectivity across multiple factory locations, ensuring seamless multiple low bandwidth locational connectivity.
  • The customer could access a dashboard and reporting system, enabling real-time monitoring and tracking of data as well as developing comprehensive performance reports.
  • All central applications, including the SAP, were linked and made accessible to all locations for smooth communication.
  • With this solution, the customer could prioritise and set up highly efficient routes for business traffic, access high QoS and benefit from any-to-any connectivity.
  • The TTBS solution ensured easy scalability, better bandwidth utilisation, reduced network congestion and better end-user experience.

Business Benefits

  • Improved internal communication enabling business agility and flexibility
  • Enhanced customer experience with quick resolutions and faster deliveries
  • Real-time operational efficiency
  • Secure connectivity with internet access to remote locations

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