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Our Toll - free services are provided on a state of the art, intelligent network platform where we give easy to remember 1800 and 1860 number series. With an industry-first feature of SLA commitment and an exclusive self-care portal for customers, our Toll free service ensures that enterprises can establish higher service standards and be always accessible to their customers.

Toll Free Services Advantages

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SLA Commitment

Get an industry-first SLA on your TFN
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Instant access

Provide instant free call access to customers from across locations
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Routing preference

Define, choose and change your routing preferences at any time
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Exclusive self-care portal

Manage your accounts and view reports
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Customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring your business is always reachable
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Flexible subscription

Enjoy flexible subscription options from any post-paid wireless or wire-line service
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Analytical reports

Enhance your service delivery through detailed call analysis reports

Toll Free Services Features


Select the right solution for you

All amount in Rupees.

Plan Features
TFN 999 Plan


₹ 999/-
TFN 4999 Plan


₹ 4,999/-
TFN 9999 Plan


₹ 9,999/-
TFN 14999 Plan


₹ 14,999/-
TFN 1860 5k


₹ 5,000/-
TFN 1860 10k


₹ 10,000/-
TFN 24999 Plan


₹ 24,999/-
Free call value 2999 9999 14999 24999 3000 8000
Local 1.29p/60sec 1.19/60sec 1.09p/60sec 0.99/60sec 120p/60sec 100p/60sec Local 1.59p/60sec
STD 1.29p/60sec 1.19p/60sec 1.09p/60sec 0.99p/60sec 120p/60sec 100p/60sec Local 1.59p/60sec

*Promotional Offer: 0 Rental for the first 2 months / 2 billing cycles, whichever is earlier


New Customer:

1800 266 1800

Existing Customer:

1800 266 1515
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