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What is an MPLS-VPN and is it for my business?

product: MPLS VPN Service


MPLS VPN uses an isolated private network which is virtually segregated from the public internet.


The connectivity needs of today’s fast growing Indian enterprises are as multifaceted as the businesses themselves. From secure internal data transfer to multimedia broadcasts or telepresence, enterprise connectivity needs can range from simple to complex. MPLS-VPN can be a compelling option to address these.

What is a Multi-Protocol Label Switching – Virtual Private Network (MPLS-VPN)?

It’s not surprising that many people find the acronym confusing: terms such as, MPLS VPNs, MPLS and VPNs are often used interchangeably, sometimes even describing the same service. To briefly clarify, an MPLS VPN is a VPN that is built on top of an MPLS network, usually over a service provider’s infrastructure, used to deliver secure data connectivity between the different locations of a business.

Let us deconstruct the technology into its two main components. Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) technology makes data delivery faster, regardless of the type of networks or protocol it uses. A virtual private network (VPN) provides secure access to remote offices and users over the Internet or any other public telecoms infrastructure as opposed to a separate leased line.

How does an MPLS-VPN differ from a VPN?

Traditional VPNs presume that corporate data is being transmitted on public networks, making it essential to encrypt sensitive or confidential data. In contrast, an MPLS VPN uses an isolated private network which is virtually segregated from the public internet. As a result the information transmitted between business locations is even more secure than while utilising a VPN.

What are the advantages of a managed MPLS-VPN solution?

A managed MPLS-VPN offers not only high performance but also ease of deployment and maintenance and management to ensure uptime.

With established vendors offering multiple last-mile options including wired / wireless technologies, device types and more, bringing all these systems together and operating them to create an integrated, connected enterprise requires dedicated experts with specific skill-sets. These skill sets are hard to come by and are most accessible via a managed service from a reputable service provider.

A key advantage of a managed MPLS-VPN is scalability, enabling connectivity and bandwidth to scale easily in tandem with usage spikes, whether to enable employees to internally consult with each other via live video, or to manage large file transfers or backups.

Ease of administration and management is one of the most important benefits that come with a managed solution. From proactive, round the clock central network monitoring to enable visibility of the network’s parameters to easy web-based reporting tools, any good managed solution will enable simple, hassle-free administration.

Do I need an MPLS-VPN?

With so many connectivity options available in the market it can be useful to understand whether your business will truly benefit from an MPLS-VPN. An MPLS-VPN is optimal if an enterprise:

Needs seamless connectivity for branch or associate offices across different geographies

Has to connect remote workers on multiple types of devices including mobile devices to improve productivity and employee satisfaction

Aims to create an efficient, collaborative atmosphere among its employees with real time information sharing

Seeks to provide customers, suppliers or other members of the value chain with restricted access into its own network, while adhering to sophisticated security standards

Needs a reliable, high performance network that can scale to meet spikes in traffic

Operating an MPLS VPN, accessible only to authorised personnel and systems, enables a business to function seamlessly across geographies. It is a secure and scalable way of connecting enterprise locations on a private cloud to cater to the multifaceted needs of a dynamic, growing enterprise.


MPLS VPN Service

Our MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) based Virtual Private Network (VPN) delivers PAN India connectivity across 100+ points of strategic presence. We help you optimise your business with a fully meshed network to ensure fail-safe connectivity. With our mobile and managed solutions, authorised personnel may connect to business networks from anywhere including remote locations. We provide both wireline and wireless solution. Under wireline have Standard and Managed MPLS. Wireless solutions are Xpress VPN and Road Warrior.

Secure Connect

Our MPLS VPN now comes with Secure Connect–a bridge that offers a private & dedicated connection to leading cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure. Secure Connect is a value add-on to the existing MPLS VPN service offering that offers you connectivity to the Cloud. Through Secure Connect, you get secure enterprise grade network connectivity to the public cloud infrastructure that is SLA backed and predictable.

Secure Connect privatizes a public cloud network, extending it with the security of a private network; faster data transfers that help data-heavy Enterprise applications operate with ease, and offers a seamless end user experience while you transition between your private network and the Cloud.


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