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Trends in enterprise mobility


Enterprise Mobility with adoption rates hovering around 50%, has quite a distance to go.


  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) will continue to explode: While the US and parts of Europe have already seen BYOD become a common place, the trend is still in its infancy in India and other parts of the world. With the mobile device penetration set to increase this year, we can be sure that BYOD adoption will boom up as well.

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) will dominate the scene:
    The greatest challenge with the introduction of new devices into the enterprise ecosystem is their management and authorization. By introducing a robust MDM system, enterprises will be able to ensure that the data is more secure and the firm has more control over the settings of employee-owned devices.

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) issues will be resolved:
    One of the major issues with Enterprise Mobility today is that with all the mobile devices being used, it is hard for the enterprise to properly control access and to ascertain the identities of those gaining access. The coming year should see the development of proper access management and, user authentication and tracking. This will make sure that only authorized employees interact with the enterprise data, and every time they do, there is a log made.

  • Secure Device Partitioning (SDP) will become the need of the hour:
    While both MDM and IAM will provide the primary and secondary levels of security to the access of enterprise data from the mobile device, the data on the mobile device itself will be vulnerable. This is where SDP will come in. SDP will create a secure partition in the storage of the employee-owned device and ensure that the data stored there is less vulnerable.

  • Collaboration will become easier and faster: The greatest perk of adopting Enterprise Mobility is greater collaboration and sharing. Previously, enterprises had the choice of letting employees access the enterprise internet network; now, it’s going to become a necessity. This means that the enterprises will have to upgrade their capabilities to support all the new devices accessing the network. While this won’t be an issue in countries with high internet connectivity speed, this is going to be a major challenge in countries where the average speed is low. With the right connectivity, the sharing of documents and, collaboration in the form of group access and editing, will have a great presence.

Some may also consider user experience, in the form of smarter Enterprise Apps, a trend, but the improvement of UX is a need that is being felt across the software development industry, and isn’t something confined to Enterprise Mobility.

The only question now is whether your organisation is ready for the future of Enterprise Mobility!

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