The case for dedicated Leased Line connectivity

The case for dedicated Leased Line connectivity


Leased Line

"Many businesses require connecting locations point-to-point. In many cases this requirement is for mission critical system communications – necessitating high up-time, performance, security and exclusion.

Today’s businesses increasingly rely on applications and networks to communicate, transfer, transact and process information, across multiple locations. Without a steady and effective private connection many of these transactions may be exposed to packet loss, slowdown and even intrusion. This is where shared internet connections (even high bandwidth ones) fall short.

Direct point-to-point connectivity. Unlike regular shared internet lines used by many businesses and even to access the internet simultaneously, a Leased Line service delivers dedicated carrier-grade stable bandwidth between the business’s locations. This ensured the business has access to constant and consistent bandwidth and service level agreement assurances.

The connection
Leased Lines connect business premises directly and are different from Internet Leased Line or even Broadband. While they are all delivered over a cable, Leased Lines are meant to directly connect one location to another – so that each location can communicate with the other using whatever applications and protocols they require. A Broadband (usually used by individuals and is a shared connection) or an Internet Leased Line offers internet connectivity to businesses by connecting the nearest nodal point of a service provider with the business premises.

Symmetric connectivity
A Leased Line (bi-directional) provides the same speed for uploads and downloads. Conversely in shared connections, the speeds are optimized (between a number of simultaneous users) for downloads, while upload speeds are significantly lower in most cases. Symmetric connectivity for a business is important as file transfer among offices and locations, hosting, server processing, audio and video traffic – are all dependent on bi-directional speeds (both upload and download).

One of the major disadvantages of a regular internet connection is that the connection is shared by other users in the area. This exposes any business traffic to possible intercepts. A Leased Line does not involve capacity sharing among multiple users. The reserved circuit which is dedicated to the customer between the premises is usually encrypted.

Is Leased Line really needed?
Where mission critical needs to flow between one location and another securely, with the assurance the connection will always be available; businesses are better off with a dedicated connection such as Leased Line. For example, a high volume broking house may wish to securely transmit information real-time between its offices. Such a business would require a dedicated point-to-point connection. Another scenario could involve media production where multiple offices may be running different functions. Edited media may need to be transferred quickly between offices. A Leased Line offers the reliability such a business would require.


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