SIP Trunk services - A whole new world of possibilities

SIP Trunk services – A whole new world of possibilities


SIP Trunk

Briefly, SIP Trunk lines replace these old-style physical PSTN lines, enabling point-to-point connectivity over the internet. While many enterprises are already enabled with connectivity over the internet with VoIP, they use it mostly for enterprise LAN, as a one-to-one replacement for traditional wire line voice connectivity. To use it outside the LAN, a PSTN gateway is required. SIP Trunk takes the idea of VoIP a step further, by enabling cost-effective communication outside the corporate LAN.

SIP Trunk opens up a whole new set of possibilities for enterprise communication. Let’s look at some of the major advantages of SIP Trunk and the various avenues it provides for enterprises:

Immediate Cost Savings With no need for traditional PSTN gateways and additional physical lines, SIP Trunk begins to reduce costs immediately while maintaining all features of traditional telephony. The gateways needed to connect to the PSTN reside at the service provider’s premises, saving additional capital expenditure. The use of IP makes it possible for enterprises to use SIP Trunks from multiple service providers in multiple countries, depending on optimal availability and best rates, thus routing calls to the cheapest service provider and achieving significant savings.

Optimum bandwidth utilisation While traditional telephony and internet lines suffer with low bandwidth availability, SIP Trunk combines the two communication forms on the same connection, thereby making maximum use of the capacity, while also providing the capacity needed when the enterprise needs it. Further, enterprises save the expense of installing different voice and data lines.

On-demand Scalability SIP Trunk enables up to 1500 voice sessions over a single line. However, adding additional lines in SIP trunk too is easier, instant, with almost negligible costs as compared to traditional telephony. SIP Trunk provides for a pay-as-you-go model by enabling excess capacity when required. Besides, it can provide for higher allocations of bandwidth for voice, and upgrade only when the total capacity is exhausted.

Productivity-enhancing features

Unified Communications SIP Trunk provides a highly efficient system for Unified Communications by bringing together voice calling, instant messaging, file transfer, video conferencing, application sharing, collaboration over a document, device syncing, white boarding, etc. Such wide variety of real-time communication options across geographies enables employees to exchange information and ideas, thus creating tremendous impact on productivity.

Business Transparency with increased mobility With rich communication applications over SIP Trunk, business can be conducted from anywhere and made accessible to customers across the world. Employees can access corporate resources from anywhere or leverage expertise of colleagues in any part of the world. Besides, SIP Trunk allows for registration of multiple devices with the same phone number. This enables access to an employee even when he/she is mobile, via the same number, thereby avoiding any customer or business losses.

SIP Trunk can help businesses transform their communications completely, paving the way to a world where businesses can operate without geographical constraints, with increased contribution from employees regardless of location, and with anytime accessibility via internet. SIP Trunk could well be the next evolution in telecommunications!


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