Secure, robust connectivity with MPLS-VPN

Secure, robust connectivity with MPLS-VPN


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The business environment today is highly distributed, with companies operating out of multiple geographic locations. In order to cohesive operations and support collaborative working among employees across various offices, it is vital that each facility is able to connect to central facilities.

One of the key solutions being adopted by multi-office, multi-location enterprises to connect their facilities, including remote offices and workers, is an MPLS-VPN.

Put simply, an MPLS-VPN (Multi-protocol Label Switching Virtual Private Network) is a flexible solution used to securely transport network traffic to a range of locations locally, regionally and even globally, offering employees access to central facilities from wherever they are.

MPLS VPN is a secure and scalable way of connecting several locations on a private network to cater to the multifaceted needs of a dynamic, growing enterprise, with additional facilities to streamline access to distributed workforces and support real-time information sharing. Advanced features enable prioritisation of traffic based on the credentials of specific employees or locations.

Rather than running the infrastructure themselves (which requires trained personnel), many companies opt to outsource the management of this facility to trusted third parties.

A major advantage of a managed approach to an MPLS-VPN is scalability. Bandwidth and connectivity assets can be allocated depending on need, with capacity available to enable high-bandwidth use cases such as live video conferencing, large file transfer or extensive back-up.

For companies with a need to offer access to the system for suppliers and customers, an MPLS-VPN includes the ability to restrict network availability to certain assets using pre-set authentication protocols.

This technology provides a range of advantages in a range of industries. Supplying secure, flexible infrastructure greatly enhances the abilities of distributed enterprises and allows companies to compete effectively in today’s global economy.


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