Schools and technology - The possibilities

Schools and technology – The possibilities

School gets most people nostalgic. It evokes memories of a childhood full of open spaces and many friends to play with. Looking back, those times also seem relatively safer, distances to schools from home were much shorter and life as we knew it was carefreemost of the time.

Schools have changed though, and a more complex, holistic approach towards education is taking shape around the country. The average Indian is able to afford more, and there is an ever-growing need to stay connected at all times The advent of cellular technology is allowing for increased availability and smart devices are owned by most individuals.

School Bus Tracking takes advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT), and serves as a means of securing what’s most precious to you – your children. Location based technologies and sensors have evolved to such an extent today that it is possible to track movement down to an accuracy of half a metre. One or multiple sensors when installed in a school bus can serve as a great means to keep track of a child’s commute home.

Features of School Bus Tracking

Real-time location mapping of school buses while they are in transit

GPS data allows for monitoring of vehicle speed, ensuring that they are always safe from the effects rash and negligent driving

Alerts to advise parents on when to drop and pick up their children at pick-up spots

Alerts for any mishaps that may have happened en route School Bus Tracking brings about accountability by harnessing the Internet of Things. It encourages safer practices towards future generations and also boosts confidence in the system. With the pace at which technology is progressing, the time where safety is assured beyond doubt,is not far.


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