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Revolutionising the call centre through SIP Trunk

product: SIP Trunk


SIP Trunk increases productivity and enriches services


Call centres are critical for many of India’s most prestigious customer-facing companies –including vendors using telemarketing and manufacturers of items with an ongoing need for customer support facilities such as IT component companies.

Gone are the days when a call centre was simply a group of operatives on the phone: today, each facility has complex and multifaceted connectivity needs. Routing calls to the right individual with minimum delay, while critical, is only one aspect of the need. Customers today prefer to interact with call centre teams in a variety of ways: phone, SMS, video chat, e-mail, webchat, Twitter, Facebook…

In this context, high-quality, cost-effective multimedia connectivity is the lifeblood of the call centre and many companies are looking to SIP Trunking technology to increase their productivity and enrich these services.

SIP Trunking enables up to 1500 connections to be established over a single line, leading to significant savings in infrastructure and telecoms costs.

In a recent deployment, 900 SIP channels were distributed over five physical links. Each SIP Trunk was connected to an ethernet port at the respective diallers, with 2 ports each, one for local LAN and other for housing the SIP Trunk solution. The result was an increase in productivity, high call completion and strong uptime, gained from next generation switches located in the core and a protected fibre transmission network installed with the system.

This high-spec technology can support SMS and web-based engagement and can even be extended to offer customers multimedia support if necessary.


SIP Trunk

Our industry first SLA backed Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk is an advanced Voice Connectivity product, with the best in class IP solution. It replaces traditional multiple fixed PSTN lines with a single physical link that can support upto 1500 simultaneous calls. Scaling up and down call capacity on our SIP Trunk is very easy, quick and can be done in multiples of 10 channels. Our SIP Trunk reduces the cost of multiple lines, maintenance, as well as hardware requirements for multiple PRI ports. Enterprises can opt for our SIP Trunk solution to overcome issues related to scalability, maintenance and convergence. This innovative, best in class SIP Trunk Services has won industry awards and offers easy integration with other IP technology platforms. Our unmatched SLA offering includes : Network service availability of 99.5%, a complaint MTTR( Mean time to resolve) of 4 hours and service credits in case of commitment breach.

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