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Mobile enterprise apps – transforming business


The ability of mobility to transform businesses and processes in a never before way.


The rapid adoption of mobile apps is due to the several key benefits that they offer. They can transform business processes at the point of activity. For example, a claims representative can take photographs of a flooded house on his mobile phone, forward it to an auditor who can process the claim immediately, reducing the lead time for resolution and customer payment. Another key benefit is the improvement in productivity brought on by mobile apps, as they provide the right information to the field force, allowing last minute changes, reducing ‘dead time’ (time spent in commuting), and administrative time. Thirdly, mobile apps can help speed up office functions, since the field force can complete paperwork and bill on-the-spot. Mobile apps also improve the overall experience for customers and employees, resulting in a positive impact on sales and overall business efficiency respectively. Lastly, mobile apps provide ‘green’ benefits, by reducing both the usage and wastage of resources and providing additional cost savings.

There is no question that almost every business today needs mobile apps. But how much will it cost? Upfront and maintenance costs will vary, depending on the breadth and specificity of your business needs. Some of the costs to consider upfront are device costs, mobile application development, back end system development or legacy system integration, and testing, deployment and training. Besides these upfront costs, you will also incur recurring costs on application maintenance and support, and connectivity costs.

Different users will need different apps based on their needs. The apps that you deliver must be reviewed by each group of users to identify what they need to be able to do at each point of activity and what ongoing processes they need to support. Innovative mobility solutions fill these need gaps and help companies to propel their business growth, improve competitive advantage and boost productivity.


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