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Layer-2 Multicast & cable distribution


Analog technology, which had powered television sets for decades, has run its course


The need to distribute video content digitally The increasing limitations of the analog technology has made the switch to digital technology inevitable, the world over. The Indian government has also made the switch to digitisation in the country mandatory. This move is expected to be beneficial in terms of customer choice, as the people will now have access to content they want. Value added services and video quality have also improved, with the consumer base having access to HD and UHD content on demand. For broadcasters and cable network operators, digital distribution presents a lucrative opportunity. As consumer demand for digitally distributed content increases, cable operators will have to prepare for the switch to digitisation or risk getting left behind by DTH operators and even IP based content. Maintaining cost efficiency and delivering a better service is of paramount importance for operators as it ensures their relevance in the chain.

L2MC – Catalyst to digital distribution of content L2MC is a secure broadcasting solution that offers dedicated connectivity from the source to thousands of subscribers simultaneously. The content traffic flows through a single feed from hub to spoke at the place of distribution ensuring that it is primed for video broadcasting across locations and subscribers. The feed (containing multiple channels) is conveyed via a loop based network to each local distribution hub, from a single distribution source. This kind of solution allows additional features and provides better SLAs. L2MC helps businesses keep track of every point of distribution at all times, through a reliable online interface.

L2MC is beneficial for cable operators since innovations in digital transmission allow for better compression of data, more effective use of bandwidth and better quality output. Also the government’s efforts to promote digitisation amongst cable operators, is in the interests of all stakeholders; and is automatically provided for under this solution. L2MC also provides significant cost savings since cable operators don’t need to provide multiple lines between source to distribution hubs, or between hubs themselves. This infrastructure is provided by the telecom operator’s high bandwidth domestic network. Users are provided with a digital set-top-box and may pay for and enjoy the content they want.


L2 Multicast Service

Our L2 Multicast solution is the first of its kind video connect solution in India. Video content transmission for a multicast service is done through a network link that establishes a tree, connecting their source with multiple receivers. The Layer 2 Switch solution copies data from the source and simultaneously broadcasts it through single stream data transmission for multiple end points (multicast service), resulting in multimedia broadcasting efficiency and bandwidth gains.

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