Is Hosted Outbound Dialler Solution a Good Marketing Tool for a Digitalised Economy?

Summary: Digitalisation has helped businesses to automate, upgrade and innovate their services in line with changing market expectations. By leveraging cloud computing, they can also introduce more efficiency in their largely conventional outbound calling services for customers. A cloud-based hosted outbound dialler helps enterprises to optimise their marketing efforts and regular services through contact centres.

In their efforts to introduce new process efficiencies, reduce costs and meet the changing market expectations, businesses have been digitally transforming themselves for over a decade now. Automation of basic processes, use of cloud computing to access data from any location, digital marketing techniques, conducting online surveys, and employing chatbots on websites are just some of the services that organisations of all sizes leverage.

When compared to these solutions, telemarketing and contact centre services seem rather conventional ways of connecting with customers. They have been used extensively in India since the early 2000s when cell phones reached the general public. From solicitation and sales to reminders for missed payments, telephonic communication became crucial for the mainline operations of several enterprises and BPOs.

However, digitalisation has also made this legacy process more targeted and cost-effective for businesses. It helps them to address the common technical and resource challenges faced by a contact centre. A hosted outbound dialler plays a vital role in this context.

What is a hosted outbound dialler (OBD)?

A hosted outbound dialler helps to improve agents’ productivity by way of automatically making calls from a list of telephone numbers, without any manual intervention by the agents. It is based in the cloud and does not require the physical deployment of circuits at the contact centre.

The principal components of the hosted OBD devised by Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) are:

Call pacing options – Dialler managers can select a campaign to be run in particular time periods with a variable load of contacts. This helps to maintain an optimal pace for making calls and leads to better agent efficiency and resource utilisation.

Campaign management – TTBS OBD offers a centralised management tool that can be aligned with enterprise campaign strategies. It helps to create, modify, start and stop calling campaigns dynamically.

Dashboard, reporting and log management – Businesses using the hosted OBD get access to a real-time MIS dashboard with reports and analytics. It helps them to evaluate process efficiency on parameters such as the number of contacts successfully made (and the phone calls not answered by customers), average talk time for agents in the team, and their overall productivity.

Customised outreach – With features for the ‘right set of service offering’ and value proposition, this hosted OBD can initiate customised interaction with the people being called. It enables businesses to build more targeted marketing campaigns and speak to customers about offerings that they will be actually interested in.

The hosted OBD devised by TTBS can be used to deliver pre-recorded messages to customers and prospects too. The feature is particularly useful for service providers – such as banks, telecom, insurance and utilities – that need to send payment alerts to their customers, conduct surveys, or simply engage prospects. It can also be used by retailers and e-commerce platforms for sending order confirmations, sales alerts and loyalty program updates.

The top benefits of cloud-based OBD for digitally progressive businesses

Organisations that want to leverage the cloud technology for higher efficiency levels of their contact centres can avail multiple benefits from hosted OBD. Some of these include:

Ease of configuration and maintenance – With no hardware required to set up the service, the configuration of hosted OBD is a hassle-free experience. It is deployed through the cloud, and there are no cables or routers to be installed at the business location. The absence of physical infrastructure also makes the OBD solution effortless to maintain.

Access to automatic updates – Dialler operators managing the campaign do not need to install upgrades and new features manually for the service – these are configured automatically to keep the dialler performance at optimal levels. It is an always-on service, protected against technology obsolescence.

Friendly user-interface – The TTBS OBD solution comes with an intuitive GUI portal to build and initiate the calling campaigns.

Service and support – TTBS provides its OBD with carrier-grade hosting and end-to-end support management. Users can contact a trained team of technical advisors for information and troubleshooting support on any feature of the dialler.

Furthermore, with its virtual setup and ability of auto-upgrades, the hosted OBD involves a minimal total cost of ownership with high returns on investment. It helps organisations to make more calls and deploy tailored marketing strategies.

We recommend this cloud-based dialler for BFSI companies, telecom service providers, healthcare organisations, e-commerce services, utilities and any other business that has an outbound contact centre for customer services. To know more about the TTBS hosted OBD service, click

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