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Internet of Things (IoT) for Schools


IoT is poised to make School buses safer & smarter and ready for carrying the future generation.


Technology brought the first great revolution called the Internet. This Internet was created by People, for People & about People. It changed our lives and is an integral part of our lives today.

Another Internet has started changing our lives yet again. It's the Internet of Things. It's about connecting the 'things' to the internet. Things could be appliances, machines, vehicles and so on.

Almost all industry segments are adapting this new revolution. Schools & Education segment is also not behind in reaping the benefits from it. It’s making the life easier not only for School administration but parents too.

Although vehicle tracking has been there since quite some time but where it failed was an integrated story of devices, connectivity or application. Some or the other components of the solution failed leaving the overall implementation put to stores. With the advent of IoT, the school bus tracking is no more a GPS tracking only solution. It is fulfilling the needs for two distinct user segments:

1. School administration

  • Safety & security- Getting the real time location of the school bus
  • Route planning and deviation alerts
  • Over speeding & undue stoppage alerts

2. Parents

  • Real time movement of school bus during transit of their kids
  • Push notifications for estimated time of arrival for pick up & drop offs

India being the budding digital revolution center with more than 60% Mobile Internet traffic offers peace of mind with Mobile Apps for above needs. No more accessing the web only interfaces to track & monitor the movement of school buses, just a tap is enough.

With 4G/LTE proliferation, very shortly the school buses with provide live views of school buses during transits, making them even safer. Also it would soon be possible to extend the school wide connectivity to school buses.

An integrated voice solution with tracking devices will make communication with bus drivers & support staff very easy and non dependant on their mobile connectivity. Temperature and humidity controlled environment of schools can also be ensured in the school buses with the help for sensors in the new school bus tracking solutions. Automated attendance with RFID & NFC based cards will help schools integrate attendance starting from pickup point.

In nutshell, IoT is poised to make School buses safer & smarter and ready for carrying the future generation.


School Bus Tracking

Our School Bus Tracking is specially designed for you to manage your fleet of buses effortlessly by transforming them into Smart Buses. This service facilitates administrative tasks that go along with ensuring the safety of a child. You stay aware of the whereabouts of children at all times. Parents are also kept updated using this service. Once can use this service for corporate employee transportation as well.

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