How do Asset Tracking Solutions Help Manufacturers?


Asset Management

Summary:The ability to trace their assets in real-time enables manufacturers to streamline and expedite the deliveries of valuable consignments across locations. As labour and material costs continue to increase, many companies are deploying IoT-based asset tracking solutions that help them to ensure that their products arrive at the right location, at the right time and in the proper condition.

Based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor technologies, asset tracking has emerged as a handy solution for the manufacturing industry. It allows companies to keep track of the precious consignment that they ship to their customers.

With rising operating costs in their industry, it is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers to capitalise upon tailored asset tracking solutions in their regular operations. Asset tracking systems can help them to accelerate time-to-market and optimise OpEx.

Here are some ways in which such benefits can come to the fore for your manufacturing enterprise:

Better supervision of goods in transit

Usually, once the manufactured goods leave the factory premises, the company that produced them loses control of the packages. If products get damaged in transit to distributors and retailers, or the deliveries are delayed, the brand image of the manufacturer can get tarnished.

With asset tracking solutions, manufacturers can avert such risks. The software helps them know where exactly their consignment is and if the driver is taking the right route to transport them to the ultimate destination. They get a considerable degree of control on the whereabouts of the goods and send help to particular locations if there is any disruption in the movement.

Improved customer service

When clients decide to buy products manufactured by an organisation, its ability to give them a transparent service with real-time insights on purchased stocks will build a better business relationship. With asset tracking software, it can send up-to-date information on the consignments ordered and provide alerts on the location of the goods once they have been transported from the factory/warehouse.

Ease of deployment with a long-lasting battery

Leveraging the benefits of an asset tracking software is simple with the solution designed by Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS). Ours is a plug-n-play device that can be conveniently placed in the vehicle carrying the goods. Moreover, the rechargeable batteries that power the device can last from 12 hours to 30 days, and manufacturers can choose a version that suits their requirements the best. This feature ensures always-available connectivity.

Lower carbon footprint and prevention of theft

By ensuring that their trucks take the right routes for transporting the goods, manufacturing companies can also reduce their fuel consumption and carbon footprint. The geo-fencing feature of the tracking solution allows them to build a virtual barrier for the movement of goods.

Whenever a truck enters or leaves the area within which it is supposed to navigate, the monitoring team gets an automatic notification. It is also an effective way to prevent pilferage or theft of goods.

At Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), we have a custom-built software solution that helps you trace your consignments in real-time. You can seamlessly check the location of goods that are transported from plants to warehouses and from warehouses to customers. The secure and user-friendly web and mobile interface of the TTBS asset tracking system help you track your assets through desktop and mobile devices at any time, from anywhere.

To maximise the benefits of asset tracking solution, you can combine it with other IoT services delivered by TTBS. One of these is the fleet tracking solution that lets users check the speeding and idling behaviour of the driver who navigates the truck. TTBS’ fleet tracking solutions also come with special sensors that enable effective monitoring of perishable products being transported in temperature-controlled containers.

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