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How cloud solutions boost productivity


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  • Innovation: All the greatest organisations in the world have become so, due to their innovation. A cloud solution certainly doesn’t innovate, but the collaboration it enables catalyses innovations. Cross-border innovation comes through the seamless collaboration functionality offered by cloud solutions. By allowing teams work together across vast distances, a cloud solution allows for a smooth flow in the exchange of ideas. A great example for a cross-border innovation success is the collaboration of numerous countries to explore and map Antarctica. They did this by sharing information and innovating new methods to navigate the freezing-cold & rough terrain.
  • Knowledge Management: One of the issues in increasing productivity is the lack of access to and sharing of necessary information. Through the use of a cloud solution, an organisation can have an easy-access, knowledge management and sharing system, which will reduce the time spent in looking for information thereby boosting employee productivity.
  • Workplace Mobility: Various theories exist about the feasibility and cost of having a mobile workforce, and its effect on productivity. But since the evolution of technology, it has become a feasible, low-cost option for enterprises that has led to enhanced employee productivity. With a cloud solution for the enterprise in place, employees can access information and documents from anywhere, whether from a client location, or from home. The speed and efficiency with which an employee can function has increased.
  • Borderless Enterprise: A borderless enterprise is one whose existence is not limited by traditional models. This means that the organisation allows for employees to work from anywhere, at any time, using absolutely any device. This not only saves employees a lot of time in travel, but also allows for employees to work from locations that are directly beneficial to them. Someone who has to work in a remote location for example, will still be able to access, modify and query about relevant information stored in the enterprise cloud.

Enterprise cloud solutions are redefining collaboration and productivity. With a well-planned and secure enterprise cloud solution, organisations of today can make the creation, modification, sharing and analysis of information simple, fast and efficient.


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