Digital disruption: seamlessly blending technology and business

Digital disruption: seamlessly blending technology and business


One of the world’s largest private transport service providers uses digital disruption to provide its service and also keep customers and drivers happy. Leveraging the power of GPS to identify vehicles and connecting them with customers who need transportation, this service allows for great employment opportunities while also helping individuals looking for transport as and when required. Customer satisfaction levels are almost always high, and patrons are even willing to pay a premium for transport at times because of the degree of convenience provided. This has disrupted the earlier breakthrough model, which entailed making a call to arrange for a driver and vehicle at a certain time. The availability of cars in the area and directing them to a patron’s destination was a challenge and delays in service led to slow adoption by the masses. The digitally disruptive service of today though allows for a vehicle to be found, selected and booked by a customer real-time. And, the booked vehicle arrives at the customer’s location within minutes of the booking request being initiated.

Anytime access, convenience, availability, self-help, transaction status updates and competitive pricing, are crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction for a digital technology based product or service. It isn’t enough to create a product, develop the supply and distribution chains. Businesses need to innovate constantly to gain the upper hand on their competitors and to stay relevant in the environment they’re operating in. Digital disruption gives business decision makers the opportunity to constantly notch up service levels efficiently, to maximise customer delight and association with their brand.

In the near future, disruptive technologies are going to allow for complex transactions to take place across and between businesses stakeholders. Drone delivery services already show a lot of promise in terms of speeding up deliveries and are all set to boost a thriving e-commerce sector. Big retail, which at one point of time was the only way people could purchase products, is under pressure. Many organisations around the world have begun identifying opportunities provided to them via digital disruption and are paving the way forward to others to follow suit.

Businesses need to take large and quick steps forward, or risk being left behind by other, more agile players in their industry. Digital Disruption, end-to-end digital transformation, innovation and service development are key to operating in the emerging economy.


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