Connect the whole enterprise, not just portions of the business

Connect the whole enterprise, not just portions of the business

It is common to see businesses using enterprise connectivity solutions for only specific purposes such as connecting to the internet, putting multiple offices onto a VPN, providing voice connectivity for individual employees, and so on.

However, a piecemeal approach restricts access to the real benefits of technology. With modern digital voice and data solutions and emerging cloud services, even remote employees and satellite offices can access information and collaborate with colleagues across dispersed locations. Modern enterprise connectivity solutions also support video conferencing and real-time collaborative tools designed to integrate distributed workforces.

An integrated enterprise connectivity system can incorporate:

  • Highly scalable digital voice solutions with direct dialing and intelligent call management over wired and wireless platforms
  • Channels for customer engagement including voice, SMS, chat and call centres
  • Managed remote cloud-based data storage and application hosting and security
  • High-speed secure Multi-protocol Label Switching VPN

By integrating these tools into a single system, businesses can weave all of the separate strands of connectivity into one powerful whole. Duplication of effort reduces. Employees can switch seamlessly between different methods of communication and go to a central repository to easily store and access data. This allows greater access to all company resources from alternative locations.

Sophisticated access and authentication can be built into the system, including tiered access to specific parts of an enterprise’s digital infrastructure depending on the needs and authority of each stakeholder or employee.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, success depends on a triumvirate of factors: customer intimacy, agility and efficiency. All of these elements are greatly enhanced by the availability of real-time information and the ability to share it collaboratively among the members of the team with a unified enterprise communications suite.


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