Cloud Based HIVR Solutions - A market environment leveler for small businesses

Cloud Based HIVR Solutions – A market environment leveler for small businesses


Hosted IVR

Businesses are growing around the world, and competition is at an all-time high. Consumers, who had limited options before, are now spoilt for choice. Quality of product and service that was a critical factor in keeping customer’s happy before, remains ever important; but increasing competition has also necessitated creation of the perfect customer experience for the success of a brand. Customers today want to feel involved with a business. They desire attention and support when they require it; the businesses can gain from this increased attention as well, by offering support on demand, thus increasing their base of loyal customers.

Staying connected to the customer initially entailed personal meetings, and correspondence via mail. This evolved into conversations over telegram, then the telephone and now over the internet. Creating a personal touch in a situation with multiple customers and stakeholders represents a huge challenge for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses typically face major hurdles when competing with larger entities as the element of trust is higher for the customers with established enterprises. A cloud based HIVR solution helps even the odds, lending an air of professionalism that was previously not possible.

A cloud hosted IVR allows smaller businesses to lease out or outsource their infrastructure needs through an OPEX cost model. This ensures that they do not need to make large capital expenditures on expensive hardware and software. For example, a small manufacturer of CCTV solutions for enterprises can utilize HIVR to appear as an appealing prospect to a potential client. Without HIVR, a potential customer might call the company and anyone who is closest to the phone would need to receive the call. If at that point of time, the call, through the HIVR had been routed directly to the sales team, it would have presented a more seamless, professional experience to the customer. If an existing customer calls and is connected to the sales team instead of the customer service team, their experience might suffer, and that could affect the existing clientele of the business.

HIVR represents a cost-effective way out for small and medium businesses that are looking to take on larger entities in the same industry. It lends an air of professionalism to the enterprise, and adds value in terms of presentation which is critical for SME’s. A cloud based, hosted IVR solution is an ideal solution to provide a quality inbound call experience to both customers and prospects.


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