How missed calls can help enterprises increase customer engagement

How missed calls can help enterprises increase customer engagement

Call register services capture an incoming call from customers, disconnects the calls and place automated calls or messages, back to the customers immediately with offerings or query resolutions. These services provide smart data collection from customers without letting them incur any costs. Enterprises thus have the advantage of a speedy acquisition of customer details via a fully automated system.

With call register services, enterprises can get improved customer response through:

Lead Generation With zero cost of involvement from customers, missed calls help businesses capture leads across different media, allowing them to make strategic and cost-effective decisions.

Consumer feedback, live voting and opinion polls Real-time feedback on customer experience with products or services is also possible via market surveys over missed calls, helping brands take appropriate action. Live event voting and opinion polls for contests are simplified through this service, while suggestions and modifications on business performance can also be captured.

Customer Registration for service offerings Customers can enroll for special offers missed calls to a specific number.

Information Retrieval Brands can provide their customers free access to information they need through just a missed call, with the information provided via SMS or e-mail.

Brands can get a quick return on their investments on call register services, as they offer a host of business advantages and features:

  • Zero CAPEX and limited maintenance costs – As it is a completely hosted model, enterprises don’t have to bear any costs for associated infrastructure. Moreover, they are robust and scalable solutions with manageable annual maintenance costs.
  • Integrated and automated management – Lead management is effective because of automation that takes care of end-to-end processes, including integration with SMS gateways and customer databases, as per campaign requirement.
  • Integrated analytics – With real-time capture of caller information, data-tracking and management, and analysis of campaign, the effectiveness and recognition of target areas is possible.
  • Web-based platform – Management of the communication process and data management is possible with ease via a user friendly web-based platform. In a nutshell, call register services can help marketers with a quick solution towards reaching out to their customers and prospects faster. It can help them stay well-informed and gather real-time insights on business performance – all by asking customers to give a missed call!


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