A connected workforce is an effective workforce

A connected workforce is an effective workforce

Just five years ago when an employee was working in the field or from a remote site, communication with them was difficult and relied on the availability of traditional landline technology or the use of two-way radio systems. This system was time-consuming, expensive and inefficient. While it supported voice, the exchange of data, imagery or multimedia was difficult.

Today, businesses across India have increased their adoption and reliance on new technologies, e-mail communication and digital tools such as online accounting systems, ERP systems, 3D diagrams and video. At the same time, enterprises are becoming more dispersed and democratic, no longer relying on head office to make every decision for branch offices to implement. Analytics and decision making is becoming distributed. As a result, growing businesses need to offer their staff access to seamless connectivity. This is evident in many industries, ranging from healthcare to architecture to engineering and logistics.

With high-speed networks and cloud services, remote employees and satellite offices can use secure internet through dedicated leased lines or MPLS VPNs wireless last-mile to securely access resources and documents they need, which may be centrally stored in the cloud. Such networks also support video conferencing and other collaborative tools designed to integrate distributed workforces.

One way in which doing business today differs from a few years ago is the speed at which organisations need to grow, evolve and ‘ramp up’. They often need to quickly and securely connect new sites and offices to the existing network infrastructure. During these growth phases, the capacity of the overall system may also need to be increased. By deploying connectivity solutions that are ready for high levels of scalability, the company can deal with periods of rapid growth or even downscale if required.

If deployed as a service many enterprise connectivity solutions can be rolled out within a very short time, offering improved agility and a competitive advantage.


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